We have purposely not over edited this book so the players actual words come across as you read the book

"Ten minutes later, another car pulls up, it was a blue Rolls Royce; it was a huge car, it was the Rangers scout. He came in and said “Look I know Jock Stein has been here, I was parked down the bottom of the road and I saw him coming in, so I have waited obviously until he is gone. I have spoken to Davie White (the manager at Rangers) and he said to me, whatever you do, don’t leave the Johnstone house until he tells you that he is going to sign for you”.

My brother replied “I will tell you what I told Mr Stein”.

He interrupted “Now look before you start, Mr White says he wants you and he will pay anything to get you. He knows Celtic would offer you big money to sign”.

I was just about to say to him no he didn’t offer us anything and my brother said “Well yes of course he did, of course he did, it was life changing money he just offered us, but we have told him that we are going to listen to other clubs”.

“Yes I realise that” he said.

Now remember we are talking 1968, so he said to me “Okay, what we will do, we will give your Mum £2,000 and we will give you £2,000 if you will sign on an s–form (a school boy contract) for Rangers”.

My brother said to me “Well what do you think?”

I said “I have always liked the Rangers” and that was it, we decided there and then."

Press play to hear Derek talking about the signing for Rangers

 "I was only a young man on the 2nd of January 1971, and the Ibrox disaster, the darkest day in Rangers history. What I do remember though is how personally Willie Waddell took it. He wanted us all to do our best by going out to the bereaved homes to pay our respects and subsequently to attend funerals. As a young man I felt awkward and helpless. I didn’t know what to say to mothers, fathers or wives, but I realise now it was the right thing for the club to do and I think the families appreciated it, in what was desperate circumstances. Mr Waddell was determined that nothing like that would ever happen again and the new Ibrox, as I sometimes call it, is a legacy to the 66 who perished, and their families.


Of course football is a great release for communities and thankfully in Barcelona on May 24th 1972, we brought some happiness back to the 25,000 or so, who travelled out to Spain by any means possible and the hundreds of thousands who were listening to the match on their radios all over the world. That winner’s medal and that night is my proudest moment in my career and my time at Rangers. What a team, what a bunch of boys to play with and Willie Waddell and Jock Wallace were great to play under, two real Rangers men, who complimented one another."


"In one game, I played in midfield against Graeme Souness and we dished it out to each other, both leaving the pitch with a few bruises. Now when I listen to him on Sky TV relaying his fantastic knowledge of the game, I laugh as I still I remember him punching me in the kidney with half an hour to go in a game. It just floored me and I thought that’s one to remember. Two weekslater, I managed to take him out at Dens Park! The following day he called me to say that he wanted me to sign for Rangers. For ten days he would call me three times a day, to get me to sign by a European Cup deadline.


When I knew Graeme and Rangers were after me that was it, from the minute of the first phone call, I did everything I could to make sure I signed for Rangers and eventually after a short period, it happened. I’ve still got the contract. Believe it or not, it was a beer mat; a Tennents Lager one!


I was getting a medical along with another player signing, a guy called Jan Barton, the Danish full back, as there were two medical tables. When I came down to sign, Graeme Souness wrote a three year contract on a Tennents lager beer mat which I have still got to this day. I agreed, and this is the bit about me and Rangers, I was just happy to really get a chance to play for the team that I supported. The contract, you could have ripped that up, it did not matter, money was not the issue. To play for your boyhood club, who you supported, was the main priority for me and thankfully after a week or two, the deal was complete."